Dr. Paige Patterson is our very special guest speaker for the morning and evening services of Sunday August 6! Dr. Patterson is highly respected and very well known all through Southern Baptist Life. This is an excellent opportunity to hear from one of the very best in America. We hope to see you there and bring some friends!

Family Night at the Park is THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!!! Get a teammate to compete in the corn hole tournament and bring your best homemade ice cream for a chance to win the trophy for best ice-cream! We will see you for a night of fun and fellowship. We will provide free grilled hotdogs. All we ask is you bring a side and a drink.


Please see the link below about information regarding the Jolley family. We would ask you to send Bro. Darryl and family your encouragements and prayers in this difficult time. http://www.rainsvillefuneralhome.com/m/obituaries/Malcolm-Jolley/Memories
Share Memories and Support the Family.
Kids getting excited at VBS!

Church family, please be in prayer for Bro. Darryl and his family. His father passed away earlier this morning. We will post more information as we get it.

Church family, even in the late ours of the night we are calling on you to pray for Bro. Darryl and his family. Last week, his dad had a stroke which led to him having surgery yesterday. The surgery went well but his dad is not doing good. Tonight he has been moved back into the ICU and they are not sure whether he will make it through the night. Please lift them up in your prayers.

Memorial Day. We remember you, your service and sacrifice. We remember your family's sacrifice and loss. We also remember military around the world who've stood and fallen beside us. Take the time to pray for those who've lost a loved one and thank God for the sacrifice. It being Military Appreciation Month, also pray for the salvation of those serving and that they'd be obedient to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. #memorialday #remember #serve #sacrifice

Dear church family, there is a specific need for a member of our church. They need our help in not only praying for them, but also clothing for some children. #1 Girls 7 shirts 7 slim plants kids shoe 2 or bigger shoes, #2 Girl 3t clothes and toddler 8 shoe. #3 Boys 5t clothes 12 shoe, #4 Boy 3t and 7 shoe toddler..... If you can help donate in anyway possible it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced. Contact me or the family Aarlah Reeves & Todd Reeves
3 weeks ago

Congratulations to Brooke Goar!! Brooke graduated today from UAB School of Medicine with her Doctorate of Medicine. She will begin her residency at Children's Hospital this summer to train as a Pediatrician.

I just want to give a BIG "shout out" to all of those involved with the Boston butt/rib sale for the youth! Best smoked Boston butt ever!!
1 month ago

We are thankful for our Mothers!

Happy Administrative Appreciation Day! Everyone make sure you take the time to thank our two wonderful ladies for all their hard work!!

Play guitar, piano, bass guitar, trombone, trumpet, drums, violin, or any other instrument? Then we got a place for you to serve! We are always looking to get those with a passion in this area plugged into the Worship Ministry here at FBC! If you would like to know more about getting plugged into the instrumental side of the the Worship Ministry, please contact Bro. Corey!