FBCMO is truly thankful for all our Mothers! Happy Mother’s Day!!

Here is a preview for Sunday's message. Hope to see you this Sunday.
Sunday April 29, 2018

Julie and I enjoyed lunch today with some of our great Senior Adults at Stone Bridge Farms.

Hope to see you at 9 for Small Group Bible Study AND 10:15 this morning for worship! It’s great to be together in worship... especially when you’re struggling to rejoice in your day. We welcome you all.

Come celebrate our Risen Savior this morning! Small groups at 9am and WORSHIP at 10:15!!!

Jesus loves you so deeply that He sacrificed His life for you to have hope forevermore. Today, and every day, we remember Jesus’ death and sacrifice which covered our sins and leads to life - the abundant life that He gives now and eternally.

Easter Sunday is always a great opportunity to invite your unchurched friends, family, and co-workers to church with you! Sunday school is at 9:00 and service is at 10:15! We hope to see all of you there!

Congratulations to Gracepoint for winning the FBCMO 2018 Men’s Basketball League

For the safety of our staff and their families, the church office will be closing today at 1:00pm. The Daycare is also closing at 1:00. As always you can reach one of our ministers on their cell phones or social media. Stay weather aware and be safe!!

Hope to see you all tomorrow at 10am. Rain or shine!!

Happy 3/16 Day!!! Be sure to share the love of Jesus not just today but everyday!!

Join us for our annual March Madness Bracket Tournament! Password is fbcmo4401. Come have some fun with us!
Come join the FBCMO Bracket Challenge group in ESPN Tournament Challenge and see if your bracket beats the rest.